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Shipping Section II Lithium Batteries by Air 

What are Section II Lithium Batteries?

Section II lithium batteries include lithium metal cells with a lithium content of no more than 1 g, lithium metal batteries containing no more than 2 g aggregate lithium content, and lithium ion and polymer cells of no more than 20 Watt-hours or batteries of no more than 100 Watt-hours.

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How do the Section II rules work in relation to these batteries?


These lower-power or lower-lithium content batteries can be shipped with, or, contained in equipment, for transport via air, using simpler rules than for larger batteries.

Section II of the relevant IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Packing Instruction(s) must be complied with; these include packaging requirements and package marking requirements.

What training is required to prepare these shipments?


The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations detail the training requirements for shipping Section II lithium batteries at IATA 1.6.

A full IATA shipper's course is not required, but persons preparing such shipments should receive "adequate instruction" as detailed at IATA 1.6.

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Can I complete this training online?

Yes you can! Our online Section II Lithium Battery by Air Course provides the adequate instructions you require to competently prepare these kinds of shipments for air transport.

In addition, we provide practical packaging examples and interactive video exercises for each type of package, accompanied by comprehensive course notes and diagrams.

For further information, please click this link to view the course which may be purchased online, or contact us via:

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