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UN Number Alert System:

customised compliance updates to keep your dangerous goods information up to date.

If you ship or handle dangerous goods, you'll know how important accurate information is.

The correct codes have to be included in transport documents, on packages, vehicle and tank plates, and in safety data sheets.

The regulations for each mode of transport are updated regularly every year, or every two years.

In addition; competent authority authorisations, exception notices, multilateral agreements and approved guidance documents can be updated or withdrawn at any time.

Image by Marcin Jozwiak
UN number alerts.png

Our UN Number Alert System automatically notifies you when there are changes to the rules or guidance associated with the goods you ship, via ADR, the IMDG Code and the IATA DGR.

No more trawling through endless reams of regulations, we bring you customised compliance updates, direct to your inbox, with no need to login.

Backed by our team of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors, the system helps keep your transport documentation accurate, shipments moving smoothly and Safety Data Sheets current.

This service is included with all of our DGSA and 24-7 advice service subscriptions.

If you do not subscribe to these services, peace of mind costs £27* per month to register your UN numbers with our experts.

*For up to ten UN numbers, charged at £1.50 per month per UN number thereafter, excludes VAT, a direct debit is required to use this service.

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